Thursday, November 30, 2006

Psiphon Web censorship bypass tool

The University of Toronto announces the release of Psiphon, a software tool that bypasses internet censorship.
Psiphon is a downloadable program (available at that essentially lets someone turn a home computer into a server. Once psiphon is installed, the operator of the host computer sends a unique web address to friends or family members living in one of the 40 countries worldwide where Internet use is censored. Those in the censored country can then connect to the “server” and use it as a “host computer” to surf the Net and gain access to websites censored or blocked in their own country.

“Their connection is encrypted, so no one can eavesdrop on it,” [Professor Ronald] Deibert said. “It’s an encrypted communication link between two computers. So authorities wouldn’t be able to spot what websites are being visited by the user at risk.”
This means they'll be able to read Sandwalk and Pharyngula!

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