Monday, July 23, 2007

Hillary Clinton Is a Marxist According to Mitt Romney

American politics is like a reality TV show. It can be very entertaining at times but it's sort of like watching a train wreck. Here's Mitt Romney telling us how Europe is in decline and America is great. Why? Because America promotes individual freedom and initiative while Europe went for socialism. According to Romney, Hillary Clinton is a Marxist who couldn't even get elected in France these days because Europe is voting for conservatives.


  1. That man clearly cannot even work out how to turn on his TV.

    Did he not notice the recent French elections ? Or that Germany has a right of centre govenrment, or that the UK may have a nominally left of centre government but it is in fact Thatcherite.

    Or are we talking "new" Europe here ? Oh wait, Poland also has a right wing government.

  2. Umm -

    I have heard Sarkozy speak (through a translator, of course.) He's more liberal than Hillary Clinton. Saw him on CSPAN-2 last week. "The state in France has made our growth. The state makes our freedom. The state protects us, and we must protect the power of the state." (paraphrasing)

    Get him run out of Podunk on a rail, that would.

  3. Hillary is in deep trouble, and the You Tube debated highlighted her slip sliding away. See

    It is all down hillary from here.

  4. Sarkozy also said, "I intend to restore the authority of the state."

    Not that it has ever been in question, but that is what he said.

    Magic Underwear Mitt is at it again.