Monday, November 26, 2007

Bloggers Over 40

According to there are some good blogs written by men and women over 40 years old [40 Bloggers Over 40].
The portrait of a blogger is a young man, or woman. And often, that portrait is wrong. Despite the fact that the Internet was created by baby boomers, it's too often viewed as a teenager's playground. Every junior high kid has a blog now ... but are they any good? Only if you sit next to the author in homeroom. Many of the best blogs, the ones with the smartest observations, clearest writing, most dazzling photos and most compelling stories are maintained by people in their 40s, 60s ... even 80s. It's time to put to rest that myth about grandpa and his computer phobia. The grandpas we found online know how to use technology to say their piece. And bloggers in their 40s and 50s are documenting the workplace, the news of the day, and their interests in fascinating detail. So we're spotlighting great reads and thought-provoking posts from people who have been around long enough to have something to say. We hope you enjoy them.
There are some interesting sites listed. Phil Plait of The Bad Astronomer is there in the "Science and Environment" category. Richard Dawkins, John Wilkins, PZ Myers and a host of others are not. I'm not listed either but that's probably because I look much younger that I really am.

Many of my students are surprised that I know how to use a computer. I tell them that I've been working with computers for 39 years so it shouldn't come as a big surprise that I can post articles on the internet. They don't believe me. From their perspective computers are only used by young people.


  1. Don't feel bad. I'm not on there either. It's a dumb article anyway. Lots of bloggers are over 40.

    Unfortunately, Judy Szwarc of the pseudoskeptical blog Junkfood Science was listed and praised; so when it comes to medical and science blogs, Amy Goetzman lacks discrimination.

  2. But Phil Plait is a young whippersnapper!

  3. You mean you actually run the website yourself?

    Wow; I thought you just wrote the copy and handed it to a grad student to deal with ;)

    The grandpas we found online know how to use technology to say their piece..

    And the ones we found in the library like to read! Insightful stuff..