Friday, March 21, 2008

EXPELLED! - Waiting for the Creationists to repsond ...

By now you've all heard the news. PZ Myers was standing in line to see a screening of the propaganda movie EXPELLED when security guards asked him to leave. They didn't bother with his family or his friend, Richard Dawkins. Read PZ's account at EXPELLED!.

Now let's see how the creationists respond to this incident. Remember, the movie is about discrimination by scientists against people who are religious. It will be very interesting to see how they can justify keeping PZ Myers out of the movie when all kinds of other people were let in.

Here's one response, posted on the EXPELLED website [Richard Dawkins crashes the party at a screening of “Expelled”]. The writer is Stuart Blessman, a Christian who was given tickets to see the movie by his pastor. Blessman was present at the theater on Wednesday evening. He is responding to the charge that PZ Myers was prevented from seeing the movie because he (PZ) is an evolutionist. Here's what Stuart Blessman says ...
I just happened to be standing directly in line behind Dawkins’ academic colleague. Management of the movie theatre saw a man apparently hustling and bothering several invited attendees, apparently trying to disrupt the viewing or sneak in. Management then approached the man, asked him if he had a ticket, and when he confirmed that he didn’t, they then escorted him off the premises. Nowhere was one of the film’s producers to be found, and the man certainly didn’t identify himself. If a producer had been nearby, it’s possible that he would have been admitted, but the theatre’s management didn’t want to take any chances.
This sounds very much like a blatant, bare-faced, lie. Anyone who knows PZ Myers would know that he would bot be "hustling" and "bothering" the people waiting in line. Quite the contrary, PZ and his colleague Richard Dawkins would have been trying to keep a low profile.

In his followup posting, PZ responds by saying that Blessman's account is a complete fabrication [A late night quick one].

Now, I'm going to be looking in on creationist blogs to see how they handle this story. So far there has been deathly silence. Is that because the creationists are embarrassed? Is it because they never criticize their own kind? Or, is it because they don't see the hypocrisy? Please let me know of any creationist responses.


  1. Holy crap Larry, did you read the last (white font) paragraph in that article?

    Last part:

    "In fact, Nazi Germany is the thread that ties everything in the movie together. Evolution leads to atheism leads to eugenics leads to Holocaust and Nazi Germany."

    I mean, everyone has known about that angle, but to actually see it spelled out... I think I'm going to make an alternate movie advertisement banner using those two sentences. It's gold.

  2. PZ expelled. So no intelligence allowed when recognized.


  3. There's an entry on this at Christianity Today's blog: Sorry I don't have the exact link as I don't know to shrink URL's, which is something I really must learn to do.

  4. These continual examples of blatant, habitual lying, cheating and misrepresenting by prominent religious types (and their subsequent rationalization by their followers) should help anyone who has been in the habit of assuming that Christians have higher moral standards than atheists to see the light.

    If patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, then surely religion is the first.

  5. Here's one response, posted on the EXPELLED website [Richard Dawkins crashes the party at a screening of “Expelled”].

    That was lifted from Jeffrey Overstreet's blog The looking closer journal, and it appears not to be acknowledged. That is unfortunate, because a) the original blog post is followed by multiple comments demonstrating clearly that Blessman's account is inaccurate and self-contradictory, and b) it is in itself yet another display of dishonesty by the Expelled crowd.

  6. IDiot logic is weird. I would think the I.D. creationists would be delighted that a distinguished a opponent would take a few hours to listen to their case by viewing their film. Since their film is so good, it probably would have taught PZ a few things.

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